India will be declared Islamic country by 2050

India as Islamic countryIndia will be declared Islamic country by 2050 following is the proof fand matemitacal caluctions that will show that India will be a Islamic country in 2050 and Muslim population is the ultimate danger ahead for Hindus in India. The below is based on facts and figure!

In 1947-hindu(incl. sikh, budhist,jain etc)-33 crore-90%
-muslim-3 crore-8%
-christian-0.7 crore-2%

in 2008-hindu(incl. sikh, budhist,jain etc)-82crore- 73.9%(growth rate in 61 years 249% @ 4.07% /year)
-muslim-25 crore-22.5%( growth rate in 61 years 833% @13.7% /year)
-christian – 4 crore- 3.6%

from the above, the growth(incl. infiltration around 5 cr.) in 61 years by muslims r more than 580% that of hindus(incl. like hindus)! and hindus reduced by 16.1% in simple arithmetic in 61 years where as muslims increased by 14.5% in terms of population percentage!

in simple calculation, if muslim & hindu maintain same growth rate(i.e 13.5% /year for muslim and 4.07% / year for hindu), after 27 years in 2035, MUSLIM WILL BECOME ABSOLUTE MAJORITY IN INDIA( total population :197.7 crore). Conversion, threatening, rioting, slaughtering, terrorism, intrusion, polygamy, no birth control are being the major tools for muslim to reach that figure within the said period.

in 2035 –muslim-92.5 crore-48.2%
–hindu- 90.2 crore-46.9%
-christian- 9.5 crore-4.9%


by 2050-muslim-189.62 crore-63.8%(INDIA WILL BE DECLARED ISLAMIC COUNTRY)
-hindu-95.7 crore-32.2%
– christian-12.0 crore-4.0%


So that will show that India will be a Islamic country by 2050 . What you think write in comments section.

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  1. It can happen even before that. In Mughal Empire Muslims were far less (5-8%) but ruled India. Only sensible strategy and leadership is required. Senseless quantity becomes meaningless.


  3. well said arbab

  4. What next if India declared a Muslim Nation by 2050.?
    Muslims of sub-continent are confused in understanding their own religion even a handsome majority criticize the emergence of Pakistan.

    If it happened by 2050, the credit goes to…?

  5. So what if it happened, the way it is happening…..ans think of the way, if hindus wanted to stop it happen…their way might be the same as that of Feroan, during time of Hazrat Moosa, like India did in Gujrat….You people of Pakistani, our each child born with a big debt to be paid back to IMF, etc. What can you do to stop his hand????? Your own leaders are…. i must say eating Muslims up…In short quantity doesnt matter enough if quality is …….

  6. InshaALLAH this wil hapen before 2050

  7. Hahaha Muslims always dream big but do nothing in return, inshallah my ass.

    As of 2011 India’s Hindu population is still stands at 81% alone and Muslims constituting 13.5%. By 2030 Muslims population will reach 15%, how can you pigs become majority in less than 20 years from then???

    Start using brains than having babies like rats and pigs. Wake up and Stop dreaming you Madrassa worshippers.

  8. Sidarth, you hindu stricken dog crap. come to afghanistans lashkar gar city and say that in front of me and I swear ille cut your hands and stick your head up your ass, cow worshipping fucker. when american pigs leave, we afghans (persians, pashtuns, hazaras, uzbeks, turkmen, baloch, arabs) will enter your 2 dollar country and rule it as we did for 700 hundred years. You wait when that day comes, ille personally find you and make you eat cow shit

  9. You idiot SHAH JAHAN, Why you are calling there, If our all children piss in the border of Pakistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan people cannot come up they will drawn like tsunami

  10. well there is no need to worry for us brothers.This will only happen with estblishment of KHILAFAH which is on horizon.Middle east have shown to us the change that is about to come inshALLAH.So those who feel it as suicide better die now because sooner Islam will prevail.But this time it will prevail as it was in times of Rasool ALLAH as told to us in hadith that,

  11. Hudhaifah bin Al-Yaman reported that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam said,

    “Prophethood (meaning himself) will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain, then Allah will raise it up wherever he wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood remaining with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, He will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a reign of violently oppressive [The reign of Muslim kings who are partially unjust] rule and it will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, there will be a reign of tyrannical rule and it will remain for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, Allah will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Then, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood.”

    Then Hudhaifah said, “The Prophet stopped speaking.” [As-Silsilah As-Sahihah, vol. 1, no. 5]

  12. i want to fuck allah sister

  13. Insha Allah…
    India will be most powerful & Great country then..
    Proud to be Muslim, Proud to be Indian.

  14. Impotent bitch Mohammad and whore alla followers, well before 2050, each cut dickhead like you will be terminated from this world and sent to your jahannam.

    world will be peaceful again without you pigs. amen.

  15. inshallah in 2025 india should become a islam nation thanks allah

  16. The peaceful nature of the Hindu is what has blunted the sword of Islam in Bharatvarsh. Also, this also means that the good majority of Muslims till now throughout subcontinent are still more interested in deeper mystical meanings of Islam…just like their Sanatani ancestors. However, growing Saudi money and influence is changing that, as well as diminishing the percentages of Hindus overall.
    When the whole subcontinent is Muslim majority, it will be like Pakistan. The secular tolerant fabric of the Hindu DNA will be replaced by Shia-Sunni butchery, the Sufi traditional Islam of Bharatvarsh will be under siege from Taliban type people, etc.

  17. What a sadness reading all these comments above.

    How easily most of the people forgets the fact that they are first human beings before claiming to be Indians, Hindus or Muslims.

    If it was Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak Ji, Kabir Saheb Ji or any great saint, they just guided human beings to follow the path of love and to reach the one, the Supreme Being.

    The Supreme Being can be termed as any of the so many: Allah, God, Parmatma.. why the thoughts are so narrow that we can not understand what the great saints actually wanted to tell us ?
    Definitely not dividing us on the name of religion. Religion were meant as a way to follow the principles of love and ultimately to reach the Supreme Being, and how sad it is now that the core concept of love and kindness has been converted in a feeling that how great if “India will become a muslim nation” or “How great when all Muslims will be removed from India” What exactly are these things ? has anyone considered in really bottom of their hearts ? What exactly you gonna achieve ?

    The life as an individual is completing one year, every year for everyone, whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Indian, Pakistani, American or anyone. The death will take it’s toll for whatever… it’s never gonna ask if you were Muslim or a Hindu.

  18. Enter your name...

    You don’t know how the world great? When you open eyes your mother tell you every thing about it. What about your mother? Your grandmother did it to. In fact we stand in this world should live peacefully with each other not devide us by badly thinking.

  19. Engineer Ishrat Hussain Mohammad

    India will become a Islamic country inshaAllah only when the Hindoos will realise that the theory of Islam is true, islamic doctrine has survieved the scientific tests, and today there is no scientist who can prove Islam and quran wrong.all other religions have been proven wrong and all their books have been proven defective but till today islamic prophesies stood all right, what ever is fore told in quran and hadiths is proving day by date true and correct, there is no religion today who’s prophesies have been proven 95% correct.

    God will be happy to see this ! wtf….religion is a personal thing …and to be proud of its populations is a shirk or sin.
    have u ever bothered to find how many people are going with u in a public bus or a train or any other means??
    what matters u is the destination.
    similarly religion is just a bridge to cross and to reach almighty.

    And wise man don’t bulit houses on bridges !!

  21. Talk is just going on that Hindus will be wiped off India.Remember that who are Hindus in brief:
    1.Arya by birth(Hindu name given by muslim)
    2. 2.5 crore year old history(mail me if you need facts on
    3.Only country in world which was attacked within 45 years of start of Jehad by Prophet and was still 67% Hindu when India was formed in 1947.
    Kindly, dont mess with this Arya Civilization.God forbid, there is limit to everything.Time will tell when that limit crosses there will be nobody to even stand up against Aryans.
    You are doing this in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.I give you option.Come to real Aryan World-Haryana,Pujab,Himachal,Rajasthan,Maratha Land.
    The Day when Haryana,Punjab,Himachal is converted Hindus will be wiped out.

  22. Jay bhawani.....

    sare muther fuck mullo ko jinda jaladiya jae gaaa…………….

  23. why cant we indians live peacefully together? Why should religion be a barrier? We are all humans, we are all indians. We respect each others religions. Im saddened to read such comments. Do your parents teach you this? Does islam teach you to hate others? If so, why do you even follow islam. A true muslim could never be a terrorist.

  24. If India indeed becomes a muslim country and the world veers towards that religion, nothing surprising indeed. It fulfills the Vedic prophesies as well. The Quran is like a small handbook of the Vedas, meant for the Kalyug. The Kalyug according to the Vedas is meant for killing people, cheating and all sorts of dirty dealings. World becoming muslim is therefore entirely in according to the Vedas which by all account is the SUPREME guide by the Almighty to creation. Indeed the Vedas are the breath of the Almighty. Quran only is a derivation of the Vedas. This also implies that after all has happened and when Kalyug again transforms through mindless destruction by Islamists, into another era of Satyug – Vedanta will again emerge and rule. This is the cycle dear friends. Nothing to be proud of or shy of. It is not the Islamist supremacy – There is only one Supreme – and that is the VEDAS!!

  25. Not surprising that Islam shall prevail in this age. Kalyug is the age of fear and deception – of hate and murder – of wars and ultimate destruction. Therefore the Vedas had to modify to achieve these ends. And so came the Quran. Quran will prevail in the Kalyug and lead to ultimate destruction. That does not mean it is superior. Quran is nothing but a crude derivative of the Vedas. The Vedas are the Supreme – the breath of God – the cause for creation – maintenance – and destruction. Vedas assume different form for different ages. The age of creation – the age of maintenance and finally the age of destruction. The form that it has assumed for this age of destruction ie Kalyug is Quranic. Every thing in creation came out of the Vedas and will subsume in the Vedas. Quran was introduced towards the end of Kalyug and will lead to final destruction of the creation. Then on the day of judgement, everyone including the muslims will realize that everything is basically all about the VEDAS. Every thing else – Quran, Bible or otherwise is immaterial. It is the Vedas that is the Absolute!! So there is nothing for the Islamists to feel proud about. Vedas prevaided over creation 99% of its span – Quran will prevail only 1% ofthe span and that too only with a certain aim – that is the destruction of creation. Kalyug is the age of the destruction – ie the third of the holy trinity – Lord Shiva; also called Kabaaleeshwar – same Kaaba as in Mecca. The holy stone in Kaaba is nothing but the base of a Shiva Ling – the symbol of female genitals symbolizing procreation, fertility and progress of mankind and creation. Everyting in this creation including Islam has its roots in the Vedas. So contrary to the vain and false pride of Islamists, it is the Vedantists who should feel proud

  26. Well said david gower. Are you the same cricketeer who played for England? If so congrats. Your knowledge is supreme. I am convinced that the VEDAS are the ultimate. The holy trinity of Brahma Vishnoo and Mahadev are a reality and will ever remain so. Timeless indeed. The vedas are timeless.

  27. Ialam is fake – Vedanta is real!! As david gower says, every soul shall learn this only on the day of judgment. Vedas are the ultimate – Quran is only a crude derivative of the Vedas. The Vedas shall prevail always. When Islam was introduced – God said that Quran is being gifted to mankind to re-establish the Vedanta on earth. Vedanta is nothing but creation itself. Quran is an imposter for the Vedas only meant for this age of fear and deception – of murder and crime – of destruction and suffering called Kalyug.

  28. Comments by david gower and syed md and barabar ka khan are being removed for no rhyme or reason. Why because reality sucks. It may suck – but it is reality. You may not face up to reality – but that won’t stop it from playing out in time. Time never stops. Vedas are timeless. Quran is time bound. In time everyting will play out as prophesised in the Vedas.

  29. Fuck You all muslims…… you are just like rats… rats are more than tigers that dosnt mean rats are powerful……. the vagina of muslim girls will be licked by other religions.. then you will see……the power of sikhs…

  30. As long As Narendra Modi and Balasaheb Thackeray are there…. muslim girls have to save their vagina being fucked by hindu dicks…..

  31. I am not supporting conversion, but lets assume every one in the planet earth became muslim. Not even a single non-muslim. what next? will u be happpy? will there be any progress ? who will invent/research? who will stand for human rights/women rights?

  32. Veda is myth.It contains myths and fake stories.No prophecy.Stupid passages.Corrupted.Artificial…..
    If a scientific man read Veda he will just throw it out anyway.It is a stupify.Ha.ha ha..You are comparing man made veda with Koran….may Jesus and his God(Eli) gives knowledge to this miserable Hindus.Quran and Bible are the true knowledge from God….not stupid vedas teaching tripleshit trinity….As a chrislamists i have no problem to say Bible is now corrupted but before it wasnt at all and Koran confirms it.Koran and Bible teaches God is One no pattner……not like stupid himdu scripture…….haha….These Hindus even dare to say that “May Bagban be infront of me i will never do it”……….I HAVE HEARD THIS DIALOGUE IN ALMOST EVERY SINGLE INDIAN FILM……..UNSCIENTIFIC…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  33. Why using bad words…..why using awkward words ….why this hatred…..against muslim.As a religion Islam has the best thelogy..But due to the enmity corruption….not giving rights muslims are doomed.They are deviating from their own teaching…In Hadiths it is said By Muhammad……..Women must get equal rights as Men but in different stadium.””They the muslims are deviating from their teachings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


  35. Muhammad belonged to the Qurayshi Tribe of Mecca. The Qurayshi were particularly devoted to Goddess Alla (Durga) and the famous Shivling of the Kaaba Temple. The fact that the Shivling remains to this day in the Kaaba is solely due to the fact that it happened to be the Qurayshi tribe’s faceless Family Deity. Muhammad’s name itself came from Mahadeva, which is another cognate for Lord Shiva. Muhammad’s own uncle, Umar-Bin-E-Hassham was a staunch Hindu and fervent devotee of Lord Shiva. He was a renowned poet and wrote many verses in praise of Shiva. One of these has survived on page 235 of Sair-Ul-Okul and reads as follows:

    Kafavomal fikra min ulumin Tab asayru
    Kaluwan amataul Hawa was Tajakhru
    We Tajakhayroba udan Kalalwade-E Liboawa
    Walukayanay jatally, hay Yauma Tab asayru
    Wa Abalolha ajabu armeeman MAHADEVA
    Manojail ilamuddin minhum WA sayattaru
    Wa Sahabi Kay-yam feema-Kamil MINDAY Yauman
    Wa Yakulum no latabahan foeennak Tawjjaru
    Massayaray akhalakan hasanan Kullahum
    Najumum aja- at Summa gabul HINDU

    which translates as:
    The man who may spend his life in sin
    and irreligion or waste it in lechery and wrath
    If at least he relent and return to
    righteousness can he be saved?
    If but once he worship Mahadeva with a pure
    heart, he will attain the ultimate in spirituality.
    Oh Lord Shiva exchange my entire life for but
    a day’s sojourn in India where one attains salvation.

    But one pilgrimage there secures for one all merit and company of the truly great.

    Muhammad’s uncle was one of the resident priests of the Shiv temple known as “Kaaba”. This sacred sanctum was decorated in an extremely rich and beautiful fashion. The Kaaba was astronomically oriented to face the winds. The minor axis of the rectangular base of the Kaaba was solistically aligned towards summer sunrise and winter sunset. It contained 360 statues of Vedic deities and was a shrine primarily associated with sun worship. The temple was an architectural representation of an interlocking set of theories covering virtually all creation and comprehending chemistry, physics, cosmology, meteorology and medicine. Each wall or corner of the Kaaba was associated with a specific region of the world. Thus this glorious Hindu temple was made to symbolically represent a microcosm of the universe. The Arabs would face east when praying. This representation of a microcosm demonstrated by the eight directional structure was derived from the Tantric pattern of Hinduism. Right at the centre of the Kaaba was the octogonal pedestal of Bramha the creator.

    Today this very pedestal is called Maqam-E-Ibrahim by the Muslims.

    However, more significant was the fact that the Kaaba was an extremely rich and ornate temple. On its walls hung innumerable gold plaques commemorating the winners of the annual poetry competition known as the Okaj fair. There were gold, silver and precious gems everywhere. It is no wonder that Muhammad armed with his facade of a new brand of religion set out to capture the immense wealth of the Vedic shrine of Mecca. After plundering the riches of the Kaaba, the wealth enabled him to systematically destroy all traces of the religion that threatened him so directly. It is an indisputable fact that money will make any low criminal devoutly religious in a hurry.

    Despite the fact that Muhammad had to destroy all traces of Hinduism in order to make his “new religion” work, he knew that he would had to borrow from the Vedic culture that surrounded him.

  36. look buddies india was seperated just to avoid this problem and it was told that those muslims who wants to go to pakistan can go and those who want to be indian can stay even though muslim mojority is growing but india will never become islamic country.and one last thing no minority have such problems like some of u muslims who spoil the name of other muslims

  37. mullo tum logo ke ma, behno ka utha utha ke chodunga, u will be wiped out before 2025 from not only india but from d world, let NARENDRA MODI THE TIGER COME,forgeted gujrat, utha utha k choda tha tum logo k ma, behno ko. kutton ki aulado.

  38. we hindu will not wait till this happen
    we will kill these muslim before the population increase
    like in gujrat narendra modi ji helped us to fight this
    war against muslim.

  39. All the night you are dreaming is a dream……….. la laa laaa la la in 1960 minorites were 10% now in2014 it is 13% so in2050 it will lessthen 15 % but. Hindus were always 80%and above you people were only for words but we are for action
    Action speak louder then words .who are all scolding at hinds they have to remember one thing only one thing that if hinds onces desides there will be only one darm in whole world is hinduism . What do you think of your self who are all oppsing hinds they all are first remember that they are saying hindus is that hindus is this and india is that india is this hindus hindus

  40. All the night you are dreaming is a dream……….. la laa laaa la la in 1960 minorites were 10% now in2014 it is 13% so in2050 it will lessthen 15 % but. Hindus were always 80%and above you people were only for words but we are for action
    Action speak louder then words .who are all scolding at hinds they have to remember one thing only one thing that if hinds onces desides there will be only one darm in whole world is hinduism . What do you think of your self who are all oppsing hinds they all are first remember that they are saying hindus is that hindus is this and india is that india is this .hindus hindus india india by saying this i am sure that soon it will become there holy name by chathing hindus hindus india india they are also converting in to hindus its good for them .but i can say only one thing is don’t try to dare at hindus if you dareeeeee we will broke your ass butts and pussy. I garenty you if you guys stop aslo we will not stop maadharchood .don’t behave like childes go and wear dypers and do your work now modi ji as came so now air mixed with fire so we are fire when fire fires fire we will be fired then you are going to burn ,……..jai sree ram

  41. inshaalaah tumhari maa ka bhosda :D :p

  42. i think 2050 tak india me muslims 25% se 30% tak honge is me sab se badi wajah HINDU parivar aur HINDU logo ka muslim dharm apnana h bcz india me jaise jaise log educated hote ja rahe h log mitti ki morti aur shive ling ka logic unki samajh me nhi aa raha h aur wo educated log fir sach ki talash karte h akhir sach h kya ? aur dusri bat hamara kam bhut had tak singhprivar ne asan kar diya jab ye log musalman aur islam ke khelaf bolte h to yahi educated log sach ki talash me muslim dharm ki books padhte h aur sach janne ki koshish karte h to unhe hairat angez taur pe unki ankhain khul jati h aur unhe sacchai ka pata chal jata h jisse wo islam dharm apnane lete h misal ap logo ke pas bhut h india ho ya europ o america sab me educated log hi sab se zeyada ISLAM dharm apnate h .. aur sanghprivar ko isi bat se khatra h isliye wo log dhanga fasad karate h taki muslim ko mare lkn ye jitna danga karate h educated log utna hi tezi se ISLAAM dharm apnante h .. i think ye koi aisa masla nhi h jis pe ham ladai jhagda kare ya apas me nafrat failaye jaise muglo ki daur pe hindu safe the waise ap log bi safe rahenge .. ISLAAM ke khelaf bolne se pehle islam ke bare me jano to ye ap sab aur desh dono ke liye accha hoga

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