Shalimar Express (Karachi to Lahore) Train timing, fares & railway stations

Shalimar Express timing, Shalimar Express fares, ticket price and railway stations where Shalimar Express stops on the way from Karachi to Lahore.

Shalimar Express Train timing & Stations (Karachi to Lahore)

Stop Arrival Departure
HYDERABAD 08:10:00 08:15:00
ROHRI 12:05:00 12:25:00
RAHIMYAR KHAN 14:41:00 14:43:00
BAHAWALPUR 16:55:00 16:57:00
MULTAN 18:25:00 18:45:00
FAISALABAD 22:05:00 22:10:00
LAHORE 24:00:00

Shalimar Express Train timing & Stations (Lahore to Karachi)

Stop Arrival Departure
LAHORE 06:00:00
FAISALABAD 07:50:00 07:55:00
MULTAN 11:10:00 11:30:00
BAHAWALPUR 12:55:00 12:57:00
RAHIMYAR KHAN 14:58:00 15:00:00
ROHRI 17:30:00 17:50:00
HYDERABAD 21:35:00 21:40:00

Railway fare / ticket p rice change often so you can see them from Or call railway inquiry number 117.

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  1. i think this is better than another train


  3. Its not better for make a stop b/w Hyderabad and Rohri like Nawab shah or Padadin

  4. please,my dear be aware from eid days to travel in shalimar because they give tickets with out reservation which cause a big problem to pessenger…………

  5. This is most suitable for every person in Pakistan as compared to other trains.

  6. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh

    I really like to travel in Shalimar train

  7. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh

    I love to travel in shalimar train

  8. Kindly send me fares for Rahim yar khan adult and elders


  9. Please Update Daily basis

  10. Dear

    I need fare from Rahim Yar Khan to Faisalabad
    1. Economy
    2. Lower Air condition
    3. Business class

  11. Abdul Manan Abbasi

    Karachi to Rahim Yar Khan fare for shalimar train is 2,000 for A/C Parlour Class.

  12. sir ajj train kitne bje jay gi karachi to lahore 25 july 2014

  13. Shalimar train is now loosing its fame as being late every day almost in a week.

  14. It may now be vigilantly improved.

  15. It’s good butt need to improve clening and try to putt wifi then it’s good train in pakistan

  16. Sir plz tell me about the fare of:
    2:Lower a/c

    From Multan Cant to Karachi Cant

  17. I want to know about the service of business class what particular do they provide. Such as food and beverages and how many time do they provide us. And is the food is to be purchased to its included in the ticket price. Want to know about 2 people compartment of business class please kindly tell me about the service.

  18. karachi to lahore treain timing plz all

  19. Yar train to achi he mgr Lodhran stop nahi krti or jahan par b utro kiraya lahore ka do ye kahan ka insaaf he ???

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