Small business ideas in Pakistan

Small business ideas in Pakistan which can be started from less money. Small business ideas for Pakistani people can help them earn money by investing little amount. Small business ideas can help us eliminate unemployment from Pakistan and make it a better place.

Make a website or blog

Websites or blogs is one of the best way to earn money . Setting of blog is easy and is cost you only 3000 (paperpk hosting and help you register a domain)  . You can blog about any thing like news , technology certain business or any thing.

Open a Shop

Open a small shop and start a business. There is no shame in opening a shop if you are educated. Start with zero , your education to help you grow. Invest little if you dont have enough money.

Buy a Franchise

If you have money in your pockets. Buy a franchise.Franchises are pre established businesses and most of the time get famous as soon as you establish them.

This is not all if you have any other Small business ideas please share with us and our readers in comments section. Any business needs hard work , without hardwork there is no sucess.

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  1. shakeel hussain

    Salamm o alikum my dear everyone what’s kinds I can start the business in rawalpendi city I have maximum 1 to 10 lak but I do not have any hounar so pls sent to my email idea thanks full
    Email .

  2. Me shahzad raza i want to start a new business but i have no idea . plz reply .Only interested people contact me . thanks

  3. Assalam-U-Alikum,
    I am Ahmed Arshad and I want to start my own business with low investment.So please Send me New Business ideas on my E-Mail Addresses.
    This request is only for interested Peaple.

  4. webiste earning is scam.
    I was told that you invest and we will provide you website with content, I paid Rs. 35,000 and they gave me a website full created. But when I asked what to do with it, they said you can now use it, we are done with it, it is complete. It had nothing on it and I lost all my money. Still today it is placed as is, you can check it for verification as well. here is the link:

    you see it website earning is fake… :(

  5. Assalam-U-Alikum,
    I am M.NASIR and I want to start my own business with low investment.So please Send me New Business ideas on my E-Mail Addresses.
    plz tell me about website and blog can i use it.

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