Post code Faisalabad Pakistan (Zip code FAISALABAD)

Post code Faisalabad Pakistan or Zip code FAISALABAD is 38000

(All postal codes or zip codes provided on this websites are correct on the date they are published. Postal codes can be changed or transfered. You can use this post code in sending a letter or finding someoneĀ )

If you are from FAISALABAD or know about it then tell us and and our readers about it in comments section

11 thoughts on “Post code Faisalabad Pakistan (Zip code FAISALABAD)

  1. Qaisaer Hussain

    Faisalabad is a very good place. the people whoz live it very happiest and have a big heart for evry one. when i am out of Faisalabd i feel i am un complete

  2. mahmood ahmad

    FAISALABAD is the beautiful city of Pakistan.
    it is very neat and clean and many canals in it.
    The peoples of FAISALABAD are known by there own hospitality .
    ( KABHI AAO NA FAISALABAD ) 03217650714

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