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hathi swimming pull me gira

hathi swimming pull me gira to sab chitiya bahar nikal gayi. ek chiti hathi ki pith pe chad gayi to dusri boli “duba sale ko duba, laundiya bazi karta hai sala…..!” moral of the story……………??????????????

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1 hathi ne romantic mood mai

1 hathi ne romantic mood mai aik chunti ko cher dia , chunti gusay mai hathni ke pass gaye aur boli apnay awara shoher ko samjha lo warna mard hamaray ghar mai bhi hain.

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Ek Baar Ek Chunti Haathi K

Ek Baar Ek Chunti Haathi K Upar baith kar jaa rahi thi, raastay main kacha pul aaya.. Usko dekh kay chunti boli: “Cross kar lo gay ya main utroon?”

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Interesting Confusions”

“Interesting Confusions” 1. Can u cry under water? 2. Do fish ever get thirsty? 3. Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they sleep? 4. What do u call a male lady bird? 5. Why is it called building when it’s already built? 6. When they say dog food is new & improved in taste, who tastes it? 7. ...

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