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Agley Bars Meri Zindagi Mein

Eid Ka Chand….. Eid Ka Chand Dekha To…. Meri Tanha Hatheliyon Par Aansoo sy Ek Dua Saji K…. Khudaya… Agley Bars Meri Zindagi Mein Ya to Ye Tanha Eiden Baki Na Rahen Ya Phr….. Zindagi K Ye Sisaktey Lamhe Sath Chhor Jaen….

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Bhool Na Jana

Eid Ai To Kheyal Aya Hamen Jane Kab Bichare Huye Log Milen Jee Mein Ata Ha Abi Tumse Kahen Eid Ka Chand Mubarak Ho Tumhen Hum Hain Khamosh Hamen Dar Ha Yehi Lab Khulen Gay To Pukaren Gay Tumhen Tum Ko Dekhay Huye Sadiyan Beetin Tumse Kehna Ha Yei Aaj Humen Maangna Bhool Na Jana Hum Ko Chand Ko Dekh K Gar Haath Uthen….

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Sakht Aziyat Ha Chand Raat

Bin Tery Chand Raat…. Bin Tery Jan-E-Jana Qayamat Hai Chand Raat Mat Puch Mujh Se Kaisi Mosibat Ha Chand Raat Hogi Ye Tery Wasty Behjat Ki Ibtada Mery Liye To Sakht Aziyat Ha Chand Raat….

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Jitna Chand Dor Ha

Full Besti Girls: Kya tum Meri Life Mein Chand Ban’na Pasnd kro gay…? Boy: Oh yes Ofcourse Girl: To Jitna Chand Dor Ha, Ouni Dor Dafa ho ja Kanjraa…. hahahahaha

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Chand Raat Ghazal

Chand K Sath Meri Baat Na Thi Pehli Ci Raat Ati Thi Magar Raat Na Thi Pehli Ci Hum Teri Yaad Sy Kal Shab Bhi Mile They Lekin Ye Molakat Na Thi Pehli Ci Aankh Kyun Lot Gai Khof Sy Sehraon Ko Kyun K es Bar To Barsat na Thi Pehli Ci Ab K Kuch Or Tarha Ki Thi Udasi In Mein Chand Taron Ki Ye Barat Na Thi Pehli Ci Ishq Ne Pal Mein Badal di Meri Sari Doniya Main Ne Dekha K Meri Zaat Na Thi Pehli Ci….

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Dil Ne Dhoond Lia Eid Ka Chand

Chak Daman Ko Dekha To Mila Eid Ka Chand Apni Tasveer Kahan Bhool Geya Eid Ka Chand Inke Abroh-e-Khameda Ki Tarha Tikheya Ha Apni Aankho Mein Bari Der Chobha Eid Ka Chand Door Veran Baseray Mein Diya Ho Jaise Gham Ki Diwaar Se Dekha To Laga Eid Ka Chand Ley K Halat K Sehiraon Mein Aa Jata Hai Aaj Bhi Khald ki Rangat Fiza Eid Ka Chand Talkhiyan Bard Gaen Jab Zeset K Pahmane Mein Ghool K Dard Ke Maron Ne Piya Eid Ka Chand Chashm To Wast-e-Aflaq Mein Khoi Sagar Dil ne Ek or Jaga Dhond Lia Eid Chand…

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