Marriage sms

Marriage sms messages and marriage text messages for your mobile phone. All wedding sms messages collection on marriage sms greetings website on internet.funny marriage sms wishes on shadi are just for loughs for husband and wife.

marriage propasal sms

Send ur girlfriend on a treasure hunt. Start wid a clue at home, dan send her on a tour of ur favorite spots all over town. Wen she gets 2 da last hint, da prize shuld b u on 1 knee.

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shadi sms wishes

Ankho My Goror Hy Dil My Soror Hy Koi Mangy Mera Number To Dena Zaror Hy Q K Meri Shadi Abi Bohat Do0o0or Hy: -> (‘,’)> < )L L (shadi sms wishes)

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Interesting Facts of Marriage. . . Smile

Interesting Facts of Marriage. . . Smile Q. Kya Shadi Janat ka Darwaza Hy? Ans. G Haan, Magar Bahir Jany kaB-) Q. Insan Apni Bewaqufi Par kab khush Hota Hy? Ans. Shadi k DinB-) Q. Kya Zubani Laraai Mein Orat Sy koi Jeet Sakta Hy? Ans. G Haan, Doosri OratB-) Q. Tallaaq ki Sab Sy Bari Waja kya Hy? Ans. ...

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Did You Ever Consider Divorce

A couple were being interviewed on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. They were asked “In all that time, did you ever consider divorce?” “Oh, no, not divorce,” one said. “Murder sometimes but never divorce.

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