I M Sorry Of Being So Emotional
I M Sorry Of Being So Possessive
I M Sorry That I Cry For You
I M Sorry Because I Cant Live Without You
I M Sorry For The Tears You Shed
I M Sorry For The Damage I Made
I M Sorry Ive Made You Sick
Sorry I Hurt You So Deep
I M Sorry For Giving You Sleepless Nights
I M Sorry For Each And Every Fight
I M Sorry For Your Pain & Agony
I M Sorry For The Missing Harmony
I M Sorry For My Selfish Love
I M Sorry For Not Caring Enough
I M Sorry For My Restlessness
I M Sorry For The Losing Grace
I M Sorry My Friend I Made You Mad
I M Sorry Darling You Are So Sad
Sorry For Not Giving You Any Happiness
Sorry Because Its My Disgrace
I M Sorry For Thinking Of You So Very Much
I M Sorry I Always Miss Your Touch
I M Sorry Of Being So Mad About You
I M Sorry For My Every Blue
I M Sorry Of Being So Immature
I M Sorry Now That Cant Be Cured
I M Sorry Of Being Myself
I M Sorry That Ive Failed
I M Sorry And Sorry Again
I M Sorry Of Being Insane
But Believe Me That I Love You
Should I Say Sorry For That Too ???

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  1. its true that love is always there but it doesn’t mean to hurt other people

  2. i miss u nsa mabsa mo to bea

  3. ice din .. xD

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