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Sorry sms for boyfriend collection in Urdu , English and Hindi.Send latest Sorry sms for boyfriend to your lover, friends and family.Sorry sms for boyfriend text , qoutes and greetings website with biggest collection of free on paperpk.com/sms.

sad and funny Sorry sms for boyfriend for everyones mobile phone. Copy and paste Sorry sms for boyfriend and send it to your friends in Pakistan and India. Bangali , bangla , punjabi and tamil sms messages will also be updated soon.

Sorry Bol Raha Hai!

Meine Cell Ko Maar Maar Kar Kaha Kya Re Aaj Kal Tu Mere DOST KO SMS Nahi Bhejta? Sorry Bol Bol Sorry Sorry Bol Raha Hai!

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Wo Shakhs Jannati Hay

Pyare Nabi Kareem (S.A.W.) Ne Irshaad Farmaya K: Wo Shakhs Jannati Hay Jo Raat Ko Soney Se Pehly Sub Ko Muaaf Kr K Soye Plz FRWD This Butiful SUNNAT MUBARI

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Naraz Q Ho Hum Se

Naraz Q Ho Hum Se Kis Bat Pe Ho Rothe Acha Chalo Ye Mana Tum Sache Hum Hi Jhote Kab Tak Chupao Ge Tum,Hum Se Ho Piyar Kerte Gusse Ka Hai Dikhawa Dil Mai Ho Hum Pe Marte

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Appologize Too Late

I M Holding On Ur Rope Got Me Ten Feet Off The Ground And I M Hearing What U Say But I Just Can’t Make A Sound U Tel Me That U Need Me Then U Go And Cut Me Down But Wait… U Tel Me That Ur Sory Didn’t Think Id Turn Around And Say Late That Its Too ...

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How Can V Hate Others

V Love Ourselves Even After Making So Many Mistakes. Then How Can V Hate Others 4 Their Small Mistakes? Strange Bt TRUE! Make Habit Of FORGIVING!

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His Neighbor Is A Tooth-Drawer

His Neighbor Is A Tooth-Drawer That Bag At His Girdle Is Full Of The Teeth Tat He Drew At Winchester Fair I Warrant That There Are More Sound Ones Than Sorry For He Is Quick At His Work And A Trifle Dim In The Eye.

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